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Dojo Information

Uechi-ryū Karatedō Kenyūkai Shinjō Juku

Ryuha (style)
Shinjō Kiyohide
Central area
Uechi-ryū Karatedō Kenyūkai Shinjō Jukuメイン画像1



Dojo introduction

We are an organization that emphasizes both traditional and sport aspects.
Instead of merely inherit and preserve traditions, we strive to evolve karate by seeking to maximize mechanical elements and physical abilities and strength.
In kumite, game rules are to be strictly obeyed, and everyone should have gentle feelings of compassion for opponents. Mentality is more important than techniques.

Facility information

Dojo name Uechi-ryū Karatedō Kenyūkai Shinjō Juku
Ryuha (style) Uechi-ryu
Representative Shinjō Kiyohide
Address 〒9040315 119-2 Toguchi, Yomitan Village, Nakagami-gun,Okinawa
TEL・FAX TEL:098-957-1537
Open hours We accept trainees regardless of age, gender, training experiences, dan/kyu holder or whether Uechi-ryū style practitioner or not. Basically we accept applicants during our training schedule.
Training days: Mon, Wed, Fri
19:00 to 21:00 (middle school students/ adults)
Children (up to 13) 18:00 to 19:00
Supported language Japanese