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Gōjū-ryū Shōbūkan Teruya Dōjō

Ryuha (style)
Taira Yoshio
Central area
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Dojo introduction

This is a branch dōjō of the Gōjū-ryū Shōbūkan, and the director is Master Taira Yoshio, who trained under the guidance of Master Shinjō Masanobu.
The training sessions are divided into 2 parts: elementary and middle school students and general adults (high school students and above). Session for elementary and middle school students is from 6pm to 7pm, and from 8pm to 10pm is for general students. Training days are on Mondays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, we practice kobudō from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Facility information

Dojo name Gōjū-ryū Shōbūkan Teruya Dōjō
Ryuha (style) Goju-ryu
Representative Taira Yoshio
Address 〒9040011 2-22-13 Teruya, Okinawa City,Okinawa
TEL・FAX TEL:098-937-9307
Open hours Training: Mondays & Fridays from 8:00pm to 10pm
Number of people: about 5
Supported language Japanese
Remarks We strive every day to correctly inherit the essence of traditional karate by working on bunkai (application of kata), basic training, prearranged kumite, physical training, and the techniques that our late masters Higaonna Kanryo, Higa Seiko, Toguchi Seikichi and Shinjo Masanobu practiced in the past.