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Okinawa Motobu Udundi Karate Kobudō Shinbukan

Ryuha (style)
Other systems
Moromisato Shinsuke
Central area
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Dojo introduction

The Shinbukan's martial arts system is systematized into three divisions that are “Karatedō”, “Kobudō” and “Udundi”. These 3 methods are in a trinity relationship with each other.
As “Karatedō” and “Kobudō” have both tradition and competition aspects, we teach kata and kumite.
“Udundi” is inherited as “Ti” with mainly Taijutsu (physical method) and Bukijutsu (weapon method).
In Taijutsu are inherited “Tuidi”, technique that allows to surrender an opponent without causing injury, “Mekata” that expresses the technique of martial arts in a dance manner, and other secrets. Bukijutsu is inherited as a battle technique that assumes a large number of enemies.

Facility information

Dojo name Okinawa Motobu Udundi Karate Kobudō Shinbukan
Ryuha (style) Other systems
Representative Moromisato Shinsuke
Address 〒901-2125 1-16-18 Nakanishi, Urasoe City,Okinawa
Open hours Training days: Every Saturday from 18:00 to 20:00
Every Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00
Up to 5 people can be welcome at a time.
English support is available for foreigners.
Supported language Japanese/English
Remarks As a general rule, our dōjō accepts only beginners for the “Udundi” section.
Email in English are welcome (POC: Eduardo Oyadomari)