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Privacy Policy

Basic Principle

Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG) collects information about the user of this Website (User) to the extent necessary for smooth operation of the services it provides. The information collected will be handled appropriately within the scope of intended use.

Scope and Intended Use of the Information Collected

The personal information collected by this Website shall be limited to the minimum required to provide dōjō trial lessons and special accommodations to those with needs.

The personal information collected from the User will be used by OPG to the extent necessary to contact the User and/or to arrange for and provide the services requested by the User.

The User’s personal information in possession of OPG will be shared with the dōjō to the minimum extent necessary to contact the User, such as name, address, telephone number, and/or e-mail address.

Limitations on Information Use or Sharing

OPG will not use or provide to a third party any of the information collected for purposes other than the intended use, except in the event of a request for disclosure based on law, illegal action such as unauthorized access or extortion, or other special reasons.

OPG is fully cognizant of the importance of protecting personal information and will use it only within the scope of the intended use. If OPG outsources to a third party the processing of all or a part of the personal information in its possession, OPG will be careful in the selection of the contractor and provide the necessary oversight to ensure that the said third party will manage the information appropriately in the same manner as OPG.

Ensuring Safety

OPG will manage the collected information appropriately and take the necessary measures to prevent leaks, loss, or damage.

Disclosure, Collection or Deletion of Personal Information/Data

The User can contact the customer service desk to request disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of the personal data, or to stop or erase its use, or stop it from being provided to a third party. After confirming that the requester is the User, OPG will take the necessary steps within a reasonable timeframe in accordance with the law. If all or any part of the request cannot be accommodated, OPG will explain the reason why.

Use of Cookies

This Website may use cookies, Web beacons, or other similar technologies for the purposes listed below:

  • To survey the number of users and traffic of this Website.
  • To improve our service.
  • To prompt users to re-enter their password (recertification) to maintain security when there is no activity for a specified amount of time.

*The information saved does not contain personally identifiable information such as your name or telephone number.


OPG may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any revisions will be notified via this Website.