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Terms of Use

1. Purpose

These provisions set forth the terms of use of “Okinawa Karate Navi”.

2. Definition of Terms

The terms listed below, as used in this document, are defined as follows:

(1) “Okinawa Karate Navi”:
Okinawa Karate Navi (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”) is a website established and operated by Okinawa Prefectural Government (hereinafter “OPG”) offering information on karate dōjō, historical sites, and event information to preserve, proliferate, publicize and promote Okinawa Karate.
(2) User
Any individual or legal entity using this Website.

3. Consent to the Terms of Use

(1) User must agree to the Terms of Use. By using the dōjō trial lesson reservation form, the User is deemed to have accepted and agreed to the Terms of Use.
(2) User must fully understand and accept the Terms of Use before using the services provided by this Website.
(3) Each menu in this Website may have its own terms of use. User must read them carefully and accept them before use.

4. User’s Equipment and Internet Connection

User is responsible for providing the necessary equipment (computer, etc.) and internet connection needed to use the registration form service at the User’s own expense and discretion.

5. Changes to the Terms of Use

(1) The Terms of Use of this Website is subject to change without the User’s consent. The latest version of the Terms of Use shall apply to the use of this Website. The User shall check for the latest update.
(2) Revisions to the Terms of Use shall take effect at the time they are posted on this Website, unless expressly stipulated otherwise in this Website.

6. User’s Obligations and Responsibilities

In using the services provided by this Website, the User shall not engage in acts that:

(1) infringe or may infringe upon the rights of this Website, dōjō, etc.;
(2) infringe or may infringe on the property of this Website, dōjō, etc.;
(3) otherwise cause or may cause damage to this Website, dōjō, etc.;
(4) use or transmit computer viruses or other harmful programs through or in conjunction with the service provided by this Website;
(5) unduly obstruct or may obstruct the operation of the services provided by this Website, or disadvantage or may disadvantage this Website;
(6) infringe upon the copyright, other intellectual property rights, or other rights of this Website or a third party;
(7) slander, libel, defame, or otherwise discredit this Website or a third party;
(8) obstruct other Users from using the services provided by this Website;
(9) breach or may breach the property, privacy, image rights or publicity rights of this Website or a third party;
(10) carry out election campaigns or similar activities during or outside of the election period;
(11) offend or may offend public order and/or standards of decency;
(12) violate or may violate laws or ordinances;
(13) constitute or may constitute a criminal act, or lead or may lead to a criminal act; or
(14) are otherwise deemed inappropriate by this Website.

7. User-Caused Problems

(1) In the event this Website or dōjō suffers damages from User’s violation the Terms of Use, misconduct, or illegal act, this Website or dōjō may claim for damages against such User.
(2) The User, not this Website, shall be responsible and liable for resolving any disputes between the User and a third party or damages the User causes to a third party.

8. Dōjō Information, Famous and Historic Sites (Spots), and Other Contents

This website contains information provided by dōjō/businesses/stores. Although believed to be reliable at the time they are posted, this Website does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of these information. The User shall check with the respective businesses/stores before use.

9. Disclaimer

User shall use the dōjō trial lesson reservation form at his/her own risk, discretion and responsibility. OPG accepts no liability for damages to the User, or User-caused damages a third party, arising from the use of the dōjō trial lesson reservation form. The use of this Website shall be on the User’s own responsibility.

10. Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Trademark, etc.)

(1) Intellectual property rights, usage rights, and other rights for all copyrighted material, images, characters, marks, and other information contained in this Website are owned by this Website and our licensors. Downloads, printouts, or other duplications of this Website shall be limited to personal/household use only. User is prohibited from using (e.g., copying, uploading, posting, quoting) the information or program contained in this Website in other websites or publications.
(2) Trademarks and service marks displayed in this Website are owned by this Website and the licensors that granted their use to this Website. User must not use them without permission from the licensor.
(3) Users are prohibited from unauthorized use of the contents of this Website on other websites, SNS, newspapers, magazines, email newsletters or other media beyond what is acceptable under the Copyright Law.

11. Links to Third Party Websites

This website offers links to third-party websites for the convenience of the User. User shall use these links at his/her own risk; OPG accepts no responsibility for the content of the linked sites, the handling of personal information by the third-party website, or any other matters. Furthermore, OPG is not responsible for any third-party websites that provide links to this Website.

12. Deletions, Updates, and Supplements

This Website offers information on karate dōjō and historic sites in Okinawa Prefecture free of charge. OPG reserves the right to delete, change, or supplement the content of this Website, or close this Website, at any time without notice, and will not be liable for any consequences thereof.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Terms of Use is governed by Japanese Law. Naha District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance for all disputes between OPG and the User arising from the use of the dōjō trial lesson reservation form or pertaining to this Terms of Use.