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About Okinawa Karate Navi

About Okinawa Karate Navi

The purpose of Okinawa Karate Navi is, in anticipation of the Covid/post-Covid era, to swiftly help the recovery and boost the inbound tourism demand for Karate (martial arts tourism, roots tourism) by providing a platform (application, website) to communicate information and attract visitors online, leading to sustainable preservation, succession, popularization and education of Okinawa Karate.

*Okinawa Karate Navi is an application/website that have been developed by FY2020 Okinawa Karate Online Promotion Project.

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This is a referral application/website containing appealing information (movies, etc.) on dojo, historic sites and famous spots in Okinawa for Karate enthusiasts in Japan and overseas wishing to contact or visit those places.

What Okinawa Karate Navi can do:

It aims to contribute to the spread and development of Okinawa Karate by people using this application and website, and to increase the spending in Okinawa Karate industry and Okinawa overall by extending the length of stay with Karate experiences and tours and promoting tours around Karate dojo.

Karate enthusiasts in and out of Japan
Obtain information on dojo, historic sites and famous spots through a one-stop comprehensive platform
Apply for Karate experiences and trainings in an efficient and simple way
Dojos in Okinawa
Promote their dojos
Increase the number of visitors
More efficient process in the reception of training participants
Increase revenue
Organized by Karate Promotion Division, Culture, Tourism and Sports Department, Okinawa Prefecture
Managed by Okinawa Karate Information Center
Okinawa Karate Kaikan
854-1 Tomigusuku, Tomigusuku City
Okinawa 901-0241 Japan
TEL:098-851-1088 (from overseas: +81-98-851-1088)