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Awase Suimeikan

Ryuha (style)
Tobaru Keichō
Central area
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Dojo introduction

30 years after the opening of the dōjō, Suimeikan has been working to preserve, inherit, and popularize Okinawan karate, aiming for international exchanges, and contributing to the healthy development of youth.
We teach the basics of karate, kata, application of kata, self-defense techniques in free kumite and kobudō.
For kobudō, we teach what students want to practice, such as bō, sai, nunchakus, tonfas, kama, tinbe or eku.

Facility information

Dojo name Awase Suimeikan
Ryuha (style) Uechi-ryu
Representative Tobaru Keichō
Address 〒9042172 3-41-21 Awase, Okinawa City,Okinawa
TEL・FAX TEL:098-938-7727
Open hours Training hours:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Karate & kobudō
Supported language Japanese