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Taba Jun

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Years of activity Okinawa Prefecture Interpreter Guide (registered in 2007, 15 years)
Supported Language(s) Japanese/English
Field(s) of expertise History/実技/Karate/Okinawa's culture
Achievement(s) as guide Over 200 experiences mainly on cruise ships and Okinawa Karate Tournament Guide for 2018

Guide's introduction

Born and raised in Okinawa, I graduated from the University of Hawaii on a public scholarship from the U.S. government. While studying abroad, I learned the greatness of traditional karate and became proud of my homeland. I am grateful to my ancestors who introduced Chinese martial arts and Japanese swordsmanship during the great trading era and further developed the ancient martial art "Te" of the Ryukyu Kingdom into the world's karate. As a Goju-ryu practitioner, I will guide those who are interested in traditional karate through the history of traditional karate and Ryukyuan culture with my profound knowledge and extensive experience as a karate guide training course and with my singing sanshin (Okinawan traditional guitar) and Chimu-Gukuru (The Sincerity of Okinawa).