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Dojo Information

Iso Bugeikan

Ryuha (style)
Shuri Tomari Te
Tsuha Kiyoshi
Southern area
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Dojo introduction

We, the Iso Bugeikan, teach the traditional Okinawa karate and kobudō. We teach Shōrin-ryū that is Shurite style karate. Shōrin-ryū was founded in 1933 by Master Chibana Chōshin. Shōrin-ryū is a traditional karate that has been passed down from Matsumura Sōkon to Itosu Ankō and Chibana Chōshin. Master Chibana founded the Okinawa Shōrin-ryū Karatedō Association in 1948. That tradition has been passed down to the present day, and we also teach Shōrin-ryū.
In addition, we consider Ryūkyū kobudō as a part of Okinawa karate, so we also teach bō (staff) and sai (trident) techniques.

Facility information

Dojo name Iso Bugeikan
Ryuha (style) Shuri Tomari Te
Representative Tsuha Kiyoshi
Address 〒9012132 4-1-16 Iso, Urasoe City ,Okinawa
TEL・FAX TEL:098-878-1935
Open hours Training days:
Mondays: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
For karate: about 2 to 3 people
For kobudō: about 2 to 3 people
Supported language Japanese