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Dojo Information

Matsubayashi-ryū Kōdōkan Shinzato Karate Dōjō

Ryuha (style)
Shuri Tomari Te
Shinzato Masao
Southern area
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Dojo introduction

Matsubayashi-ryū Karatedō Kōdōkan Shinzato Karatedō Dōjō was opened in April 2001 as the Ōzato-kita Branch of the World Matsubayashi-ryū Karatedō Federation.
We inherited the teachings of the founder of the Matsubayashi-ryū, the late Master Nagamine Shōshin, who taught his disciples with the dōjō precept, "straighten your heart first, there is no first strike in karate," and we follow the precept of "courtesy, cleanliness, and diligence" as the principle of karate practitioners. I train with my disciples with the desire to pass down my master's teachings and contribute to the healthy development of local youth through karate.
I inherited the teachings of Master Nagamine and practice zazen meditation before each session. Master Nagamine always said that the ultimate goal of karate is to cultivate a person of integrity and to contribute to the world.

Facility information

Dojo name Matsubayashi-ryū Kōdōkan Shinzato Karate Dōjō
Ryuha (style) Shuri Tomari Te
Representative Shinzato Masao
Address 〒9011201 512-37 Aza Minei Ozato, Nanjo City,Okinawa
TEL・FAX TEL:098-945-0968
Open hours Training contents:
Zazen, warmup, basic movements, basic physical training, kata, application of kata (bunkai), prearranged kumite,
Training days:
Three times a week: Tue, Thu, Sat
Hours: 8:00pm to 9:30 pm
Number of people: About 20
Supported language Japanese/English