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Kyan Toru

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Supported Language(s) Japanese/English
Field(s) of expertise Karate
Achievement(s) as guide At the seminar of the 2018 Okinawa Karate World Tournament, I taught a seminar on Okinawa Kenpo in English and Japanese. The next day, I also helped as an English interpreter for the seminar of Ikemiyagi sensei of Goju-ryu.
Also, at Camp Foster, at the request of the commander, I held two Okinawa Kenpo seminars for 100 Marine soldiers and taught Okinawa Kenpo techniques in English.

Guide's introduction

Forty-eight years ago, on October 25, 1974, I encountered with Okinawa kenpo karate. From that point on, Okinawa Kenpo was a painful study, but with a lot of fun things during strict training, and I'm glad I did karate.
Okinawa traditional karate is worth living for me, and I am still an inexperienced person, but I would like to continue to convey this wonderful traditional karate to as many people as possible.
I have three branches in the prefecture now, but only one branch is active because of Covid-19. I have four branches in the United States. We teach zoom online seminars 2-3 times a month. My American students were scheduled to come to the world tournament in August this year, but it has not been decided yet due to the pandemic. I sincerely hope that Covid-19 pandemic will end as soon as possible.
Thank you and best regards
Kyan Toru