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Arasaki Tsugio

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Years of activity English speaking representative at tourist information counter (5 years and 8 months at Naha City Tourist Information Center)
Supported Language(s) Japanese/English
Field(s) of expertise History/World heritage sites tour
Achievement(s) as guide Experienced in introducing Okinawa's historic sites and sightseeing spots to English-speaking Americans, Canadians, British, and Australians at the tourist information counter.

Guide's introduction

I have practiced Okinawan traditional karate for three years during my high school years, and in recent years, I have come to deeply feel that Okinawan traditional karate is something to be proud of in the world. I would like to study at the Okinawa Karate Guide Training Course and convey the depth and appeal of Okinawan traditional karate to my friends around the world. In order to pass on the spirit of traditional karate, I am currently training at Kobayashi Ryu Taishinkan.