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Important notes when visiting a dojo

  • Arrival time

    once your training session has been decided, be at the dojo 30 minutes in advance to change and get ready.
  • What to bring

    bring a karate uniform (called karate-gi and not a kimono), a towel and a bottle of water! Some dojo may accept visitors training in sport clothes but it is better to check first.
  • What to not wear

    take of your socks and do not wear any jewelry and watch during training as it could be a source of injury.
  • Talking

    refrain from engaging in extra talking during the training session.
  • Tuition fee

    hand the tuition fee prior to the start of the session. it is considered impolite to give money directly to an instructor. When handing a tuition fee, put the money in a plain white envelope.
  • Shoes

    take your shoes off before entering a dojo. Don’t leave your shoes lying in the entrance way but put them in the stands provided. If there is no stand, place them at the entrance, tiptoes facing outward for an easy way out and if possible to the side of the entrance so your shoes are not in somebody’s way.
  • A dojo is a sacred place. Please be careful not to enter the dojo, take pictures or make noise without permission.

Please be sure to read and understand the above contents before applying for training or trial sessions, and mark "I agree with the above contents." If you mark it, you will be able to click the below 【Submit the application】 button.