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Monument of Higaonna & Miyagi

ヒガオンナ カンリョウ ミヤギ チョウジュンケンショウヒ

Southern area
Monument of Higaonna & Miyagiメイン画像1

This monument is dedicated to two renowned masters, Higaonna Kanryō (1853-1917), an expert of Nahate and Miyagi Chōjun (1888-1953), founder of Gōjū-ryū. It was built in 1987 for the 100 years commemoration of the birth of Miyagi Chōjun.
On the front side of the monument is written from the right: Ancient sage Higaonna Kanryō - Fist saint Miyagi Chōjun - Praising Monument - Calligraphy by Chin Honbu.
In the back of the monument itself are inscribed biographies and dying instructions of the two masters.

Basic information

Name Monument of Higaonna & Miyagi (ヒガオンナ カンリョウ ミヤギ チョウジュンケンショウヒ)
Address 〒900-0032  1-17 Matsuyama, Naha City, Okinawa


Access Located in Naha's Matsuyama Park, in front of Fukushu Park. Aim at the parking lot behind the public toilet. The monument stands on the hill next to the parking lot.


  • Unless there is a karate-related plaque or monument at a master's grave, we don't introduce it here. If you would like to visit a particular grave, ask your instructor yourself.
  • Some of the monuments listed on this site are located in family graveyards. Please be quiet and respectful when visiting. Also, when a monument is located on a private property, you need to obtain the consent of the family before visiting. Furthermore, do not offer incense sticks at the grave without the consent of your family, sit on the wall of the site to rest, or perform a demonstration.
  • Please make sure to keep the above sites or the honoring monuments clean by taking your garbage home with you. It is ideal if you can make the place cleaner than before your visit.