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Pines of Funakoshi Gichin and his son Gigō

フナコシ ギチン・ギゴウノマツ

Southern area
Pines of Funakoshi Gichin and his son Gigōメイン画像1

The "Kansha no Matsu" or pine of gratitude was planted in 1998 in honor of Funakoshi Gichin. Later in 2004, a second pine "Homare no Matsu" dedicated to his son Gigo (Yoshitaka) was also planted. When facing the pines, the one on the left is Kansha no Matsu. Both trees were planted by the Nihon Karate Shotokai ( Due to the humid Okinawan weather, the original wooden pillars were replaced by stone pillars during a memorial service held in 2008.
Unfortunately, the "Homare no Matsu" recently disappeared due to pine worm damages.

(From the parking lot of the Sueyoshi Park, take the stairs going down. You will find a green square to the right side of the stairs. The pines are located at the end of the park.)

Basic information

Name Pines of Funakoshi Gichin and his son Gigō (フナコシ ギチン・ギゴウノマツ)
Address 〒9030801  1-3-1, Shuri Sueyoshi-chō, Naha City, Okinawa



  • Unless there is a karate-related plaque or monument at a master's grave, we don't introduce it here. If you would like to visit a particular grave, ask your instructor yourself.
  • Some of the monuments listed on this site are located in family graveyards. Please be quiet and respectful when visiting. Also, when a monument is located on a private property, you need to obtain the consent of the family before visiting. Furthermore, do not offer incense sticks at the grave without the consent of your family, sit on the wall of the site to rest, or perform a demonstration.
  • Please make sure to keep the above sites or the honoring monuments clean by taking your garbage home with you. It is ideal if you can make the place cleaner than before your visit.