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The Fērē rock


Northern area
The Fērē rockメイン画像1

On Mount Takō in Maeda, Onna Village can be found a huge Ryūkyū limestone rock. It is located on an ancient road and was considered a dangerous spot as fērē or bandits would often rob travelers using a long pole with a hook from on top the rock. A tale involving Tomarite expert Matsumora Kōsaku tells that when passing by, some bandits tried to steal his belongings. Having sensed the danger, he grabbed the bandit’s staff and pulled down the ruffian. When the bandits armed with sickles charged in, he subdued them with apprehensive techniques.

Basic information

Name The Fērē rock (フェーレイワ)
Address 〒904-0417  Maeda, Onna Village, Okinawa



  • Unless there is a karate-related plaque or monument at a master's grave, we don't introduce it here. If you would like to visit a particular grave, ask your instructor yourself.
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