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Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozon Shinkōkai Kuniyoshi Dōjō

Ryuha (style)
Kuniyoshi Yukio
Southern area



Dojo introduction

The Ryūkyū Kobudō Preservation Promotion Association was founded by Taira Shinken in 1995, and Akamine Eisuke was appointed as the 2nd association director in 1970. Akamine learned bō fighting techniques from 4 direct disciples of Chinen Sanra and made efforts to preserve and popularize the kata of weapons such as bō, sai, nunchaku, and kama. He had disciples domestically and in more than 10 foreign countries.
After Akamine passed away, Akamine Hiroshi and Yoza Masao succeeded the position, and Kuniyoshi Yukio became the fifth director in 2013. Headquartered in Yaese Town (Kuniyoshi dōjō). As the master's will is inherited, efforts are being made to popularize it both domestically and internationally.

Facility information

Dojo name Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozon Shinkōkai Kuniyoshi Dōjō
Ryuha (style) Kobudo
Representative Kuniyoshi Yukio
Address 〒9010412 30 Aza Uetabaru, Yaese Town, Shimajiri-gun,Okinawa
TEL・FAX TEL:090-4470-0542
Open hours ・Basic training on how to use each weapon
・Kata, application of kata, kumite
・Mondays and Fridays from 19:00 to 21:00
・5 to 10 people
Supported language Japanese